Data As A Science.

CenturyLink™ Analytics Research Center (CLARC) develops solutions to diverse problems that combine large amounts of data with excellent software and artificial intelligence.

Model Controller

Operationalize, manage, and execute your models from a single platform. On demand, live via an API, or streaming.

Data Sciences

Research and development in all areas. Developing novel methods to manage, interpret, and leverage extremely large data sources.
Machine Learning: We love math. We love AI. Connecting ML to data is our primary passion at CLARC.
Domain Expertise: Data and math only go so far, expertise in various subjects like user behavior, networks, and finance empower us to create real world solutions.
Big Data: Simply managing the data is an artform we fully embrace with Spark, Hadoop, and more.

Join our team.

We're always looking for talented software engineers and data scientists. We have a great team and culture.